Reshurxtion GFX: Never Have A Boring LJ AGAIN!
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Reshurxtion_GFX is a community that will make your LJ look 200x better. We offer LJ customizations, icons, layouts, whatever you need. Make your free account look like you paid for it! Your mods are Amanda and Leighanne. Be nice to us and we'll not let it go un-noticed.

Here are the rules:

1: Only place one order a day and wait for that order to be done before you place another.
2: Be specific. We can't read minds so be as clear as possible in your order.
3: Give Reshurxtion_GFX credit when you put up your stuff.
4: No pornographic images or excessive swearing.
5: Allow 2-3 days for someone to complete your order.
6: Steal our graphics and don't expect your life to be too happy ^.^ We always find out about theft so you won't get away with it.

Order Forms...copy and paste the one you need into a new entry.

What You Want: (choose icon, layout, friends only banner or customization)

(For Layouts and icons)
Person Involved: (provide a link to pics please)
Colours Needed: (background, font, ect)
Words/Lyrics: (keep it short for icons)

(For Friends Only Banners)
Size: (choose 300x300, 350x350, 400x400, 425x400)
Person needed: (provide a link to pics please)
Text Needed:
Colours Needed: (background, text, ect)

(For Customizations)
What you need: (detail exactly how you want your LJ to look, this includes scrollbars, link colours and effects, cursors, fonts *reasonable ones*)
Overall Colour Scheme:
Table Placement/Width: (be as exact as possible)
Table Colour:
Comments Link: (what you want it to say, keep it clean ;))
Layout?: (if you don't have one, don't worry about it)

Designer Application:
1: Proof that you can actually design
2: Who are you, where are you from and how old you are
3: How often you can take orders
4: Comment on either Amanda's or Leighanne's LJ.
E-mail this info to Amanda @ x0d3adinhollywood@vampirefreaks.com I check my mail daily so you should get a reply pretty fast. If however I don't reply within two days time I'm sorry but I didn't choose you :/

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